Hi! It’s Thea Westra and I’m super pleased you found the home of Forward Steps.

Just like you, I know that the smallest adjustments in perspective and in thinking patterns, can change the course of your life.

After reaching a point in life, where I saw that what I would choose was different from what I was living, I made a conscious decision to take action and head in a brand new direction.

I quit my 23-year career in education, sold my home, moved across country, became an artist then a life coach, created Forward Steps and met my life partner, Greg.

Life is not a smooth journey, and sure has its bumps! Yet, there is so much you can do to raise yourself beyond the “ordinary”. Intuitively, you’ve already shown that you know this, just by arriving here.

Join me on a journey through positive life tips, empowering, upbeat, self growth content and so much more, lightly landing in your email inbox and gently expanding your life, like the power of those butterfly wings... get your free 179 Forward Steps

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At Forward Steps (and more websites and blogs), I create, publish and promote positive, empowering, upbeat, self growth content to keep you stepping forward.

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