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Discover what you’re most motivated to change...

Use this 50 life power questions exercise to help increase your personal awareness of where best to make changes in your life.

You could call this a teaching exercise, as it can be used to train yourself in spotting issues that are “hidden” from view.

The purpose of self reflection is to expose things that might not always be in clear view. We become quite expert at keeping secrets from our conscious mind. Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge that you will ever acquire.

Questions are a powerful tool for opening up those areas we’ve been wanting to avoid.

Once exposed, we can identify immediately where to begin work and start taking action towards positive change.

With each question, once answered, record a possible action for stepping forward.

The 50 questions can help to make unconscious things, conscious. Revisit these questions regularly because life circimstances often change. Answering them often “unpeels those layers of the onion” that are our experiences, which compound to give us a particular view on life.

Breaking down your work, into questions, makes the task of self improvement less daunting and gives you specific areas of focus for change & action.

Give your brain a question and it will work on answers. Our responses, to even simplest of questions, can surprise with breakthrough–producing, insights.

Be encouraged by “an uplifting, inspirational Story Of Lena” sent in your first email after purchase of your 50 Power Questions exercise.

Lena wrote her story after answering her 50 Life Power Questions.

She had used the online version which includes 3 guidance audios.

Until recently, these 50 life boosting questions were available ONLY to Members of My Forward Steps.

NOW... you too can use this tool for yourself! Read on...

“Get so [crystal clear and] fixated on what you want, that you drown out any vibration or reverberation that has anything to do with what you do not want.” –Abraham-Hicks

The 50 Life Power Questions Exercise is one that I use in my own life at least once each year. Experience the life changing results that can happen when you apply what you learn here, to your life. It’s an excellent tool for getting “clear of trees”, giving a magnificent view of the “woods”! :) Below are only some benefits, gleaned from comments by people who’ve already used this. Imagine achieving these...

 Understand what you really want
 Identify your highest priorities
 Define your goals more clearly
 Recognize undesirable habits
 Increase your efficiency
 Broaden your life’s vision
 Exclude your distractions
 Master your circumstances
 Attain a success mindset
 Discover what next to do for success
 Build up courage to do as you wish
 Apply the first step toward your goals
 Achieve clarity of focus
 End procrastination
 Turn restlessness to calm
 Empower yourself to move forward
 Increase your self awareness
 Make positive changes in your life
 Leave less to chance and luck
 Discover and attract fresh ideas
 Dream bigger and expect success
 Know how to act on your dreams
 Start making your life how you want
 Learn more about yourself
 Get better direction and focus
 Maximize time on what’s important
 Turn your thoughts into action
 Plus, so much more...

Unveil What Next To Do For Your Success! 

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Thea Westra

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“Our journey is to discover the questions that will enchant the answers within us to come out dancing.” –Mary Marcdante

“The questions are diamonds you hold in the light. Study a lifetime and you see different colors from the same jewel.” –Richard Bach

Get 50 Power Q’s Online Exercise & Audios, 130 Conscience Squirmers, Need Identification PDF & Phoenix Checklist!

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