Have you heard it said? You are what you read!

“The critical factor between failure and success
is what you put into your BRAIN...”

I am listening - Forward Steps Stimulate your mind with tips and resources to maximize your rise to success, with the following 365 Forward Steps Notes.

Every time you open one, it is like breaking open a Chinese fortune cookie and you will be filled with inspiration and creativity. You’ve probably noticed that occasionally you get “light bulb” moments. These tips were designed to trigger your “aha” experiences.

Isn’t it time for an injection of positive news, when all around you is bad news all day? Research proves that good news raises your endorphins which are excellent for creativity.

These sure–fire nuggets can be kept close to you at all times and you can go back and re-read them whenever you are having a down moment, to which we are all prey at times.

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Thea Westra

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