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Thea Westra - Forward StepsWithout a doubt, YES! :)

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Time For My Life Book“Time For My Life” Book: will be getting ALL of its 425 pages with 2,843 life power & energy boosters at your fingertips every day, for a year! Time For My Life also includes more than 1,000 practical actions for forward steps and self growth every day, for an entire year. You will be more powerfully enabled to deal with all the circumstances that show up during the day with uniquely designed content on each page. [Note: you receive the PDF version]

My Forward Steps MembershipMy Forward Steps Membership: ...brimming with tips, lessons, inspiration, self growth, power for life, tools, business ideas & web wisdom. You will enjoy your full membership for 100 Days accessing my protected content, plus a weekly email to remind you to return for the latest. During those 100 days, you’ll also have full access to me for any questions, including internet business questions.

ALL 365 Forward Steps NotesALL 365 Forward Steps Notes: ...access ONE simple place where you can read ALL 365 Notes anytime, instead of needing to wait a year or more, when getting them one at a time by email. Each one of these notes are on their own page and have a quote, a power question, my life power tip, self growth tools, a wisdom website, a bonus & inspiring, funny & music videos. Visit these anytime you want a creativity lift or you’re feeling all out of ideas.

50 Questions Exercise50 Questions Exercise & 3 MP3s: ...answer ALL 50 Questions online & listen to 3 Audio Lesson Guides for each series of questions - anytime you want - plus you can repeat the exercise as many times as you want! Answer 3 sets of questions & your responses are sent to you. This 50 Questions Exercise is one that I use in my own life, at very least, once each year. It’s a top tool for getting “clear of trees”, giving a perfect view of the “woods”!

15+ Hours Of MP3 BooksALL 15+ Hours Of Books On MP3: ...access my collection of Forward Steps self improvement MP3 audios for listening to & downloading, anytime. Includes, How To Live On 24-Hours A Day, Power Of Concentration, Your Invisible Power, Forward Steps Life Power Tips 1-100, As A Man/Woman Thinketh, The Secret Of Becoming Rich, Change Your Mindset, Tao Te Ching, The Science Of Getting Rich, plus their ebooks... and more when they are added by me.

96 Random Self Improvement TriggersALL 96 Random Self Improvement Triggers: ...a collection of 96 of my favorite self development ideas, videos, audios, products, web sites, tips and tools. Each on it’s own page and you will have easy access to ALL 96 of them, at the ONE simple location. Just hop in whenever you are looking for a quick boost of creative inspiration or an instant mood lift.

130 Conscience Squirmers130 Conscience Squirmers: ...this is a powerful list of 130 questions, as well as the Phoenix Checklist and a Need Identification PDF. Each of the 130 questions are linked to a website which has information to expand on the thoughts that are evoked by that power question. I go to this tool when I want to stretch my thinking or get a fresh perspective.

Self Improvement CalendarSelf Improvement Calendar Links: ...this is an inspiring collection from 2008 to today, of all 144 videos with gifts lnks, from my annual Advent Calendars each has a self improvement gift and educational video, published by Forward Steps between 2008 and this year, inclusive. Every year you also get the updated set of 24 added to your collection, automatically.


I have also added my 100 Forward Steps Life Power Tips ON AUDIO...

That is yet more great value! You will be getting MANY extra bonuses too, which are associated with each product (too many to list here).

AND... when there are extra bonuses added... you will have instant access to those as well. :) They’ll be added for you, automatically!

All neatly packaged, with your member log-in, to store them & to access anytime...

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Get the 425-pg “Time For My Life” ebook, 100-day membership, 365 FS Notes, 50 Power Questions exercise & 3 audios, 15-hrs MP3 ebooks, 96 FS Triggers, 130 Life Questions & more! Enjoy quick, easy access ANYTIME & all in one PLACE. Which is why this one-time collection of positive tools saves you a lot of time too!

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Usual price of package  $79 

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 Explore inside the MFS Membership
 Define clarity of direction for the year
 Have ALL the 365 FS Notes anytime
 Enjoy 96 Random Triggers anytime
 Expand your personal visions
 Apply “Time For My Life” all year
 Start to see your life differently
 Give to yourself & get motivated
 Identify more of what you really want
 Draw on a huge library of ’positives’!
 Discover your self growth needs
 Maximize the power of questions
 Stimulate positive change & thoughts
 Stretch your mind with fresh ideas
 Supplement with vitamins for the soul
 Be inspired with the variety of tools
 Pick & choose your learning at leisure
 Convenient immediate access to all
 Satisfy your curiosity without risk
 Capture everything with one low price

All are available to buy individually, however that would cost you $149. I’m giving these to you for $27. You have 21-days to get all this!

Immediately following your ONCE ONLY $27, you will be sent an email with your Personally Unique Password giving you INSTANT Access To...

 100 Days Of MFS Membership
 50 Questions Online & 3 Audios
 ALL 365 Forward Steps Notes
 ALL 96 Self Growth Triggers
 130 Conscience Squirmers
 425pg Time For My Life PDF ebook
 Need Identification PDF
 Phoenix Checklist
 16 Self Growth eBooks
 Forward Steps Notes Series (optional)
 100 Life Power Tips On Audio
 Plus, a lot more...

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Thea Westra


The value of this bundle is incredible! I’ve even included a 30-day refund period. If you’re hanging in for a better offer, don’t. There will be no better offer! If you believe that I will offer this to you again at some point in future... I will not! :)

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Credit/Debit cards and PayPal accepted. Worldwide orders welcome - Choose your currency.

  website security 30 Day Money Back 

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