HOW TO Cancel, Change, Fix Or Share
Your Forward Steps Subscription Emails

This page is a little old however most of its information is still relevant. :) Click any item in the list to know more...

Want To Unsubscribe?
You can do this simply by clicking the Unsubscribe link, that can be found at the end of EVERY email that delivers your subscription.
If you are receiving too many mails, perhaps you want to try Gmail. It is the best thing I ever did for organizing my mail, and I did not need to change any of my email addresses.

Need To Change Your Email Address?

Going Away For A While?
Sometimes readers have unsubscribed, simply because they will be away from their email for an extended period of time. Instead of unsubscribing, just send me an email message. I will manually stop your subscription emails for the desired time frame, and resume them when you return. Contact me using my contact form, found at the end of this page or at end of your emails. I honestly won’t mind!

Want To Cancel Paypal Subscription Payments?

Find out more by clicking “Security Centre”, at top of the Paypal site.
Read the instructions in print and this Cancel Paypal Payments page.

To Cancel Is Different Than A Refund
For products by Thea Westra at Forward Steps that are processed by Clickbank, you can read important information about refunds at the Clickbank refunding FAQ's page. It is very easy to arrange, or you can simply contact me and I will refund you personally. With Paypal payments and/or any other services you can simply contact me for refunds.

Need To Write To Me?
You can contact me anytime by going to my Contact Form. Any message sent from there, is delivered directly to my email inbox.
If your contact is super urgent then select that option at the Contact Form. Those very urgent messages are delivered to a separate email label for me to spot quickly, so that I attend to those first.

Would You Like Your Friends To Know?
You can now be an affiliate for the Time For My Life book and for the My Forward Steps Member site. To find out more just go to my Affiliates Information page. I do very much appreciate your support. Thank you.

Links In Emails Won’t Open Up?
- Give the browser time, wait longer if connection is slower
- Refresh browser by holding down Ctrl key + then press F5 key
- Have the latest Adobe Reader to open PDF’s
- Perhaps use, instead of Internet Explorer.
- Try cutting & pasting the entire link into your browser’s address bar
- Is your computer maintained regularly? See Computer Maintenance
- Lastly, you could reply to the exact email that has the problem, to write & let me know. I’ll do my best to help out.

Want Some Help Videos?
If you are a Member of the My Forward Steps Member site and have a few questions, then you may find what you are looking for in these handy help videos. If you are thinking of buying my book, then you may find this book ordering video of assistance.

I am always available if you need to know anything or want help with any of the above, you can write to me anytime.

P.S. Just visit this next link if you would like to read the Forward Steps Privacy Policy.

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