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Inspiring And Motivational Videos

Forward Steps Inspiring Videos ListThis list of inspiring, motivational videos and any new inspiring, self improvement videos can be sent to you, one each few days.

Enter your details at the form on this page [below]. Scroll down the page to explore the sample collection of inspiring videos. Over time, more will be added to this enlivened collection.

With so much negative information thrust at us each day, it is vital to regularly ‘adjust our perception’ with material that will continue to elevate our thoughts, and mind-set.

  See my list of “Inspiring Feature-Length Movies”, too!

These inspiring videos are listed in random order, so there is no preference or ranking value attributed to the numbering. Items are numbered for easy referencing.

Finish Strong 1.  Finish Strong Stories of courage and inspiration.

The Wombat 2.  The Wombat The wombat speaks. He’s smarter than you, so listen up!

Enlightened Beings 3.  Enlightened Beings This one is a Power Point display & you may need this

Mr. Positive 4. Mr. Positive Rules for being human

Eat That Frog 5. Eat That Frog Do you procrastinate?

Nature’s Inspiration Movie 6. Nature’s Inspiration Movie Take a deep breath...

Wonderful World 7. Wonderful World Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole, known to many simply as ‘IZ’

Children 8. Children Parenting is a breathtaking job.

Numbers 9. Numbers Recognize your true personal worth and value

Forgiveness 10. Forgiveness Peace, happiness, reconciliation, and love

Leadership 101 11. Leadership 101 Youth, that means you!

Just Because 12. Just Because You couldn’t do it yesterday, doesn’t mean you can’t today!

Time 13. Time Your account is credited with 86,400 of these each day

Funeral - importance and value of family 14. Funeral the beautiful imperfections that make a relationship perfect.

10 Secrets Of Success 15. 10 Secrets Of Success a flash wisdom movie by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Spark 16. Spark Ever wonder what it is like to change the world?

To Bee Or Not To Bee 17. To Bee Or Not To Bee ’Bee’ings who feel life is more than making honey!

Empowering Messages 18. Empowering Messages The power of persistence.

Create Reality 19. Create Reality Creating reality holographically is beyond visualization.

Children Full of Life 20. Children Full of Life if you really listen, you let people live in your heart.

Vibrational Universe 21. Vibrational Universe Everything is vibrational from thought to thing.

Positive Pause 22. Positive Pause Stop for a moment and calm your thoughts.

Wonder Of It All 23. Wonder Of It All Do you ever stand in awe of the tiniest things?

Goodness Of Life 24. Goodness Of Life There is far, far more for which to be thankful.

Light 25. Light Turn on your inner light switch.

Lessons From Water 26. Lessons From Water Most of us never think very much about water.

Interview With God 27. Interview With God The words of the poem have inspired millions.

Pathways To Peace 28. Pathways To Peace Features quotes from leaders who show us the way.

Elegant Universe 29. Elegant Universe 3-hour miniseries, choose episodes from 3 columns.

You Are Love 30. You Are Love Remember the gift of who you are.

Inner Guidance 31. Inner Guidance Listen to your intuitive self.

May You Be Blessed 32. May You Be Blessed Virtual therapy for the soul.

Priority 33. Priority Are you rushing through life?

Thoughts become things 34. Thoughts Become Things Click ‘Speakers Bureau’ (under ‘Play’) for videos.

Create Joy 35. Create Joy Eight simple steps to transform painful emotions into joy.

The First Chakra 36. Red The First Chakra - strength and safety meditation.

TED 37. TED Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.

Law Of Atrraction 38. Law Of Attraction How can you change a negative vibration?

Discover the power of belief 39. Nature Of Success Discover the power of belief.

Focus 40. Focus This one has the theme of focus, and it’s all about you.

The Dash Poem On Video 41. The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis is all about how we spend our lives.

Manifest Miracles 42. Manifest Miracles Do you believe there are no mistakes or coincidences?

Walk The Talk 43. Walk The Talk Living by your words is our greatest human challenge.

1/10,000 Of A Second 44. 1/10,000 Of A Second Do you think you have a lot of time?

The Essence Of Leadership 45. The Essence Of Leadership The keys to being a great leader.

Sales Motivation 46. Sales Motivation Quotes and stories to fire your passion.

Great Quotes From Great Leaders 47. Great Quotes From Great Leaders Enjoy 3 minutes of inspiration.

8 Principles Of Fun 48. Eight Principles The eight irresistible principles of fun.

Winning Peace 49. Winning Peace Let’s wage peace.

The Story Of Stuff 50. The Story Of Stuff Changing forever, how you look at the stuff in your life.

Celestine Nine Insights 51. The Celestine Prophecy Plus there is a page with original Nine Insights.

Alan Watts, master philosopher 52. Alan Watts Things, a bigger wiggle.

The Simple Truths Of Service 53. The Simple Truths Of Service A true story about customer service.

The Power Of Attitude 54. The Power Of Attitude Is your attitude worth catching?

Simple Truths Of Appreciation 55. Simple Truths Of Appreciation We can choose to make a difference.

Who I Am Makes A Difference 56. Blue Ribbons Who I Am Makes A Difference.

I’ve Learned In Life 57. I’ve Learned If you could share one thing you’ve learned in life?

Attitude Of Gratitude 58. Attitude Of Gratitude Have you heard about the gratitude dance?

100 Things While You Can 59. While You Can What are 100 things you want to do before you die?

Five Big Questions 60. Five Big Questions The 5.75 Questions You’ve Been Avoiding!

The Strangest Secret 61. The Strangest Secret Brief excerpt from Earl Nightingale’s recording.

You Can’t Send A Duck To Eagle School 62. You Can’t Send A Duck To Eagle School 30 years as an entrepreneur.

212 The Extra Degree 63. 212 The Extra Degree It’s your life, you are responsible.

What It Takes To Be Number One 64. What It Takes To Be Number One Winning is an all the time thing.

Seven Wonders Of Your World 65. Seven Wonders Some things cannot be bought.

What’s Your Dream? 66. What’s Your Dream? Who’s depending on your dream?

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 67. Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The possibility of peace within.

Intuition Zone 68. Intuition Zone About the unlimited multi-dimensional being that you are!

Acres Of Diamonds Video 69. Acres Of Diamonds The diamonds in your life, are usually hard to see.

The Launch Movie 70. The Launch Movie Parallels a space shuttle launch with goals in life.

Your Summit Awaits 71. Your Summit Awaits It’s not about the top, it’s about the journey.

Paper Airplane Video 72. Paper Airplane A lesson for flying outside the box.

Simple secrets to a happy life 73. Finding Joy Simple secrets to a happy life.

Perry The Peacock 74. Perry The Peacock Courage in creating a land of opportunity.

The Power Of Teamwork 75. The Power Of Teamwork Inspired by The Blue Angels.

Impossible Movie 76. Impossible Movie People are the function of their environment.

Stepping Stones For You 77. Stepping Stones For You Choose your journey...what’s your choice?

Rock Solid Leadership 78. Rock Solid Leadership How great leaders exceed expectations.

The Race - life’s greatest lesson 79. The Race Life’s greatest lesson.

Best days of our lives 80. To A Child Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E Best days of our lives.

A guide to building great teams 81. No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky A guide to building great teams.

A Holy Splash Of Time 82. A Holy Splash Of Time This is a blessed moment.

Celebrate What’s Right With The World 83. What’s Right With The World Recognize possibilities & find solutions.

Interview between Frank Kern & Ryan Higgins 84. Visualization Mind Movies interview between Frank Kern & Ryan Higgins.

Guy Finley 85. Guy Finley Experiencing a fearless life.

52 ways to make a difference 86. Every Monday Matters 52 ways to make a difference.

Purpose and passion in life 87. The Dreams Finding your purpose and passion in life.

Change Is Good. You Go First 88. Change Is Good... You Go First 21 ways to inspire change.

Inspired by basic life lessons 89. The Richest Man In Town Inspired by basic life lessons.

Make A Difference 90. Make A Difference The power of connection.

Use your light to uplift and transform 91. You Are The Light Use your light to uplift and transform.

Peace Today 92. Peace Today Imagine...

Connection 93. Connection Willingness to shift your perception.

Barbara Guerra - super mum, super woman 94. Barbara Guerra if there’s a will there’s a way.

The Wheel Of Life 95. The Wheel Of Life Health, wellness and personal development.

The Man Who Planted Trees 96. The Man Who Planted Trees The power of one person.

The Struggling Butterfly 97. The Struggling Butterfly If we lived without obstacles, it would cripple us.

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann 98. Desiderata A recording of Max Ehrmann’s ‘Desiderata’ made by Les Crane.

Playing For Change 99. Playing For Change To inspire communities in need, through music.

Love Earth 100. Love Earth The journey of a lifetime, 5 years in the making.

Adrian Law Coaching Video 101. Adrian Law The only real solution, is the one you give yourself.

You become what you think about 102. Law To Success Cultivating how you think, and what ‘grows’ from there.

Journey Of Love 103. Journey Of Love Your special someone is looking for you, too!

Silent Power - Stuart Wilde 104. Silent Power A message by Stuart Wilde about this unseen force.

The YES Movie - young millionaire entrepreneurs 105. The YES Movie See a clip & get access to 3 proven success strategies.

Do Not Stand At MY Grave And Weep Movie 106. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep A poem about love and loss.

Mastery Of Money By Stuart Wilde 107. Mastery Of Money Series of 4 videos about money, featuring Stuart Wilde.

Nurturing Movie - Ramila Padiachy 108. The Nurture Movie A quietening, nurturing movie from Ramila Padiachy.

Serenity Prayer by Christopher Westra 109. Serenity Prayer You can also collect two lovely posters at the site.

Supreme Master Ching Hai 110. Supreme Master Ching Hai Her goal is to teach us to be self sufficient.

Tony Robbins: Conquering Overwhelming Loss 111. Overwhelming Loss Tony Robbins helps Jim conquer loss.

"Validation" is a fable about the magic of free parking by  Kurt Kuenne 112. Validation a fable about the magic of free parking.

Nick Vujicic 113. Nick Vujicic encouragement for any time you find yourself face-down.

Second Chance 114. Second Chance inspiring people to take risks and move forward.

Fantastic Trip 115. Fantastic Trip the same laws are ruling in all bodies of the Universe.

Kick Out The Ladder 116. Kick Out The Ladder making promises you don’t know how to deliver.

Shift Happens 117. Shift Happens thought-provoking questions, join the conversation for more.

You Can Heal Your Life 118. Louise Hay the You Can Heal Your Life movie.

90 second rule 119. The 90-Second Rule? will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Usa protector solar - Everybody’s Free 120. Usa protector solar brilliant advice. Everybody’s Free! by Baz Luhrmann

Random Acts of Kindness 121. Random Acts of Kindness balance between serving others and yourself.

What If? Movie 122. What If? seek answers in a new and exciting realm of possibilities.

Caroline Sutherland - The Body Knows Program 123. Caroline Sutherland The Body Knows Program. Intuitive Health Insights.

Ho’oponopono 124. Ho’oponopono we carry all our significant people in our lives.

Bodhisattva In Metro - This video will cheer you up 125. Bodhisattva In Metro it would be a shame not to laugh.

Angels of the Sea by Darren McDonald, featuring the whales and dolphins of Australia 126. Angels of the Sea featuring the whales and dolphins of Australia.

Wayne Muller - Enough Is Enough - IONS 2007 conference 127. Enough Is Enough recognize the light we have to offer the world.

Warhawk Matt Scott in Nike “No Excuses” Commercial 128. No Excuses so you think you can’t, and have your excuse at the ready?

Don’t Quit free inspirational video 129. Don’t Quit based on the famous Don’t Quit poem.

If - inspiring poem by Ruyard Kipling 130. If famous inspiring poem by Rudyard Kipling.

Time - recitation by Sir Laurence Olivier of Dave Clark 131. Time recitation by Sir Laurence Olivier from Dave Clark’s musical 

Global Coherence Initiative - environmental responsibility, personal coherence, planetary consciousness, social harmony 132. Global Coherence Initiative uniting millions of people in heart-focused care 

Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones Book by Thea Westra of Forward Steps 133. Time For My Life 365 stepping stones to move you forward, habit by habit, action by action 

Healing Humanity - Together, we can invest in the Value of Souls 134. Healing Humanity it has always been our choice 

Thea Westra

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