Season’s Greetings from Thea

Yes... it is the same Christmas video as last year! That’s because I really like this song and don’t mind sharing, or hearing, it over again. :) You can also enjoy a few more of my Christmas Video Selections, here! Great for family sharing.

During each festive season, I reflect on the past year and think of you (who have made a difference in my life), as well as the people with whom I have made a difference.

You might have heard of “Emotional Intelligence”, “Social Intelligence”, “Kinesthetic Intelligence” and more. Forward Steps has been doing its little bit to expand global “Spiritual Intelligence”.

Thank you for any of the times that you shared my work with your friends.
I appreciate those of you who stayed connected throughout the past year & look forward to staying in touch during next year. Another year that will be filled with as many happy moments as we can squeeze from it! :)

Celebrate all your achievements, whether you perceive it large or small. You really have no true idea of the difference you make and the impact you have (consider the butterfly effect). Have a very happy December and I extend to you my very best wishes for a magnificent new year.

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Thea Westra

P.S. Remember your 171 Forward Steps Notes... for all-year inspiration. :)

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