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They close 29 July & 6 August, 2014. Please “Pay It Forward” & share. Thank you!

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I have already downloaded the gifts that I wanted, and - so that you can appreciate these at leisure, in your own time, here is what I did, which might help you too...

1. I signed up using a “unique name” so that I can clearly distinguish each gift’s incoming email.

2. In my inbox, I filtered each message, to land in their own “Give Away Gifts” email folder. I set it so each future email from each gift’s author would end up there too.

3. Thirdly, I created a new folder on my computer. I called it “Give Away Gifts” and I placed each gift’s download into that new folder.

4. Now, I can return anytime and I can read/use them at leisure, just as you can.

5. After being subscribed to each author’s email series for a time, I can now easily find & choose which I want to keep receiving. Every gift’s email series has an “Unsubscribe” link at the end of every email, so it’s easy to stop emails.

6. If you see a Forward Steps gift, there is no need to download it if you are already a subscriber of mine. Simply go to the support page, in the P.S. of any Forward Steps email, and you’ll always see your downloads there.

Keep stepping forward,
Thea Westra

P.S. Lastly, a very BIG tip...

Even though these two giveaway sites have end dates, the individual download web pages from each contributor/author, might likely stay live. So, you could bookmark each gift’s download page for later review, when you might have more time.

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