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Dream Beyond The Common Order Of Things If you have achieved something in your past, it means that you can achieve it (or something similar), again in the future. You now have the tools you need, and cellular memory of what it takes to create anything outside of yourself.

Life Success Lessons From 15 Orison Swett Marden Quotes "...Marden believed that our thoughts influence our lives and our life circumstances. He said, "We make the world we live in and shape our own environment." Yet although he is best known for his books on financial success, he always emphasized that this would come as a result of cultivating one's personal development..." [Wikipedia]

The Like Attracts Like Attraction Factor There are so many ways in which you can become more attractive to the things you want to bring into your life. If like attracts like, then what do you see surrounding you at this time? Someone once said to me, if you want to know to what you're committed, just take a look around you.

Purposeful And Directed Imagery Athletes commonly use visualization to enhance their performance. We can do the same for our lives. Seeing something over and over in our mind starts to tune our body toward producing that result. See it, feel it and experience it before you actually do it. Begin with the end in mind.

You Are Alive And You Are Learning Life throws us tests and it is not until we are in the middle of a personal experience that calls for us to be more, that we can see how far we have truly evolved.

A Brand New Year Can Begin Any Day As we are approaching the end of another year and the beginning of a new year, it often appears to me that many of us may falsely believe that something magical will change our lives overnight, at the clock strike of midnight.

Anyway, Who Is This Inner Critic? Reduce the power that your Inner Critic holds over you, by avoiding giving it a label of being "bad" and by giving your Inner Champion a "good" label. That will give both these characters an elevated sense of importance, causing disharmony.

Powerful Self Expression The power of language, and its workings on my sub-conscious mind, never ceases to amaze me. Words have feelings and emotions attached to them, by our association.

Life Success Lessons From 16 Mark Twain Quotes You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. As in the words of Wayne Dyer, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The Right Mindset For Success In Business The best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others. You don't have to get it right; you just have to get it going. You honestly will find what you need, along the journey.

20 Time Tips And Beliefs About Time Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or rushed, check-in with your personal perception and experience of 'reality'.

Computer Security and Maintenance at No Cost I am online most of my days, so here are the tools and actions that I use for my online protection. None of these have cost me a cent and are suitable for ADSL modem and Windows XP desktop.

10 Lazy Ways To Squeeze A Little Exercise Into Busy Days Many of us have lifestyles that place greater demands on our time and energy. Some of us are no longer willing to spend the hours at the gym or on the road jogging, like we used to. So here are some ideas for getting movement squeezed into a fast paced schedule.

7 Quick Tips To Simplify Your Life Avoid being road-kill on this super charged super highway called life in the 21st century. It is time to take charge of our lives again and do it in a way that does not add to the current of overwhelm.

Creating Space for the New How can anything great come into your physical, spiritual or mind space when you keep filling the spaces with all those unnecessary extras? Including, worry, drama, procrastination, physical clutter and negative conversation.

Direct Your Thoughts Let's have a little fun with our machine! You know, that little motor between your ears that drones every day.

How Much are You Worth? Could Microsoft, Toyota or Sanyo whip up a duplicate of 'YOU'?

Celebrate You Get back in touch with our own source and have some fun with it?

Where Are You Going? When you are living and taking action on a "moving toward" goal then the questions you ask yourself are very different questions than those you would be asking yourself if your goal is to avoid something. Our learning and development is all about the questions that we ask and answers we find on that journey.

Step Away and Distance Yourself When clients ask me what I think they should do about a particular situation, I might often say to them "What do you think you should do?" If they respond with "I don't know" I then ask the question, "What would you do if you did know?". That almost always works and they provide the solution.

From A to B in a Straight Line Are you doing what it takes to achieve the outcomes that you say you want to achieve? There are many actions that can make you feel like you're moving and therefore the time you spend appears justified, to you! Take an honest and brutal approach to reflecting on those actions and you may be surprised at how much time you're actually not using to full effect.

Eight Forward Steps This is a skeleton outline of the goal achievement path; the journey on which I might take you during coaching sessions. There are many other tools and conversations that are included within and between each of these core steps.

This Year Is Officially Declared A Roaring Success Let me celebrate with you - this last year was a complete success. We totally produced the results to which we were committed. There is no such thing as "failure"; there is only "feedback".

What? That Time Of Year Again! Discard the preconceived ideas of what your annual celebratory seasons 'should' be like.

Caught In A Trap? There are 86,400 seconds in each day. It takes less than one of those to make a decision. Each decision we make can take life in a wholly different direction. Having lived more than 1,475,776,800 seconds myself, it is astounding to consider the miriad of turns that life could have taken with each new thought that I had at each moment.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! Being clear about and choosing what I want, followed by a firm decision to achieve that outcome, is where freedom and power is available. Yes, decision does mean "killing off" other options! A great way to think about goals is that, goal setting is making a choice...

Living In The Gap One dilemma, with which I often wrestle, is the low level of trust that I have in the belief of "being" then "doing" to obtain the "having" rather than, so automatically, leaning towards first "doing" then "having" and consequently acquiring the desired state of "being." How do I live the former, day-by-day and moment-by-moment?

Want Answers? Ask the Right Questions I invite you to be interviewed by me, six years from today. What could be all the tales of adventure, challenge, excitement, fun, courage or accomplishment that you'd have to tell? I'll provide you a sneak preview of the draft 'interview questions script', giving you plenty of advanced notice and time to prepare.

Words Are Potent And Magical I've spoken about this before yet I feel it's important to reiterate the point of how we make use of everyday language. Words are potent and magical. Since a picture is worth much more than any number of words, let me show you these simple and most convincing pictures, demonstrating how our thoughts, words, and feelings affect so-called physical objects, right down to the molecular level. Visit this web link to see the images.

Make No Excuse For Yourself Take on board any, single, one of the following statements that I've extracted from Chapter 2 in "Advanced Formula for Total Success" by Dr. Robert Anthony and "live in" the conscious awareness and belief of that statement, then be assured that...yourselves, your lives, your actions and the results that you produce will be forever transformed.

Accident Or On Purpose? I've been listening to some audio tapes that I have by Robert G. Allen and worked on one of his recommended exercises. It's very effective if you really spend the time e.g. an hour or more and focus well in completing it, plus even repeat it a few times to gain yet greater clarity. Let me know how you go.

You Become Your Success I could give you grandchildren, yet this won't make you a granddad ~ I could give you a meditation session, yet this won't make you a peaceful and calm person ~ I could give you a million dollars, yet this will not make you a millionaire ~ I could give you abundance, yet this won't make you grateful ~ I could give you beauty, yet this won't make you loved ~ I could give you a parachute, yet this won't make you sky-diver.

To Your Success I'd like to share with you what you might consider a ridiculously simple exercise in framing and instructing your unconscious.

The Abundant River Of Life A light bulb moment for me this week, was the recognition that "universal law" is completely dependable and completely unchangeable; in much the same way that we "know" this about laws of gravity, electricity and aerodynamics...

Watch Your Language Here is a range of words that you could eliminate from your vocabulary altogether!

It's The Thought That Counts EVERYTHING begins with a thought, including EVERYTHING that is in your life today (whether you like it or don't).

Good Intentions Resolutions and goals intimidate many people. What immediately comes to mind are memories of past failures, the hard work involved, and the fact that there is no guarantee of success...

New Year 101 If you're wanting this year to be different and you really wish to leave a "footprint" this year then it's time to be conscious of these gremlins and catch yourself moment by moment.

Goal Planning Need Not All Be Cut-and-Dried For every goal that you set for yourself or dream of accomplishing, it is imperative to have very strong reasons for wanting to accomplish them. Creating a strong "Why?" for achieving each goal provides powerful leverage. The reasons that you list become a source for what "pulls" you into action each day.

The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing When you create or design something new for your future e.g. a new goal or enterprise, then you can be assured that there will be ups and downs.

Day Dreaming Again? Think back to all the things that you ever wanted to accomplish or wanted to have and then consider why they are not yet in your life. Why are they not things on which you can look back and be proud of, today? What can you distinguish as common to each of these?

Who Are Your Friends, Family, And Colleagues - Really? The people in our lives give us our greatest pleasure and/or pain. In what condition is each of your relationships?

Do You Know Why You Are Here? It is so easy, do you think? Blaming our circumstances or opinion of ourselves for lack of desired results. There is never a lack of reasons or excuses.

Not Quite Getting It Right? When high expectations are not fulfilled we so easily go down the path of disappointment. Sometimes it is enough to stop us dead in our tracks - for a while.

Still Not Quite Getting It Right? You are all you really have for sure. What kinds of things do you say to yourself each day that demeans the miracle of you and your life?

You Must Name It to Claim It What do you want for your life? What do you want your life to be about? What will be your legacy? You will bounce out of bed in the mornings when you have some crystal clear responses to these questions...

Clarity We can be our own worst enemy at times. How often can you see that it was you who actually got in your own way on the path to fulfilling a goal?

What Do You Say This Year Will Be About? Write down your goals and have them recorded in very specific detail, with a definite timeline for completion...

Time To Get Organized It's tax time. You procrastinate because you dread having to go through those piles of paperwork in your office...

Integrity You know that wonderful feeling? Sitting down at the end of a day when you have accomplished a mountain of tasks...

Computer Courtesy These tips should help you to write e-mail that will be well received every time...

What End Result Do You Want? With all the stimulus coming at me then what is my brain filtering out, and on what is my mind focused?

Daily Success Habit Tips A selection of my favorite, personal, daily habits that have contributed to my success.

To do or not to do, that is the question? In the pursuit of our own personal goals do we place as much attention on adjusting or eliminating the activities that do not produce results for us, as the time that we spend focusing on upgrading and incorporating effective behaviors that give to us our desired results?

Procrastination: Another Name For Fear If you have felt blocked in taking clearly defined actions toward a goal, and one of the ways that you slow the process further is by gathering more and more information, then perhaps it is time to revisit the most important question: "What do you want?"

Making Money With An Online Business Online business is not different to managing and growing a physical business, and more often than not, you need to bring similar structures into your online business.

Inch by Inch, Day by Day, Step by Step Sometimes when we are working toward a particular end result, things may not move as quickly as we would like then to move. Also, life can throw in some real 'curve balls' that frustrate us or thwart our intentions. What can we do at times like that?

The Universe Loves Speed I've often heard it said that, "The Universe loves speed" and this of course includes, the speed of your own personal vibration. How the world responds to you and therefore the results that you produce, are reliant on the vibrational energy that you put out.

Choosing Your Self Improvement Tools For The Games You Play In Life It is not until you create a game in life that will take you beyond your status quo and that will take you beyond where you have been before in your experiences, that you will start looking around for the tools you will need to do that job.

10 Tips For Mind Health In A Media Storm I guess you have noticed that mainstream media is doing its best to whip up ?storms in teacups? and impact us with drama, using charged language. I decided to list a few ideas, for those of us who are not interested in being taken on the ride that they have on offer.

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